URGENT: Stop the Amnesty Discharge Petition

FAIR needs YOU to help stop the amnesty discharge petition

Thought the amnesty fight was over for the year? Think again.

A rogue faction of pro-amnesty House Republicans is circulating what is known as a discharge petition, which would force a vote on a series of amnesty bills. The amnesty votes will be forced if the petition is signed by 25 Republicans plus all Democrats.

Knowing that Democrats will only vote for the big amnesty bill, these Republicans are joining with Democrats to betray their party’s promises to the American people – the folks who delivered them the White House and Congress. Yes, you heard that right.

Even worse, this process, called “queen of the Hill” – the same process John McCain used to give us so-called campaign finance reform – allows Republicans to take tough-sounding votes on bills that will never pass the House because Democrats will defeat them!

All this happens when a discharge petition gets enough signatures. We need to stop this right now.

At the moment, 20 Republicans have signed on. Just five more and the House will end up voting on four amnesty bills, and the bill with the highest vote total will be sent to the Senate for consideration.

Why is this bad? Because numbers don’t lie. In this scenario, it is highly likely that the Dream Act will pass the House. As a reminder, the Dream Act would grant amnesty to as many as 3.5 million illegal aliens with ZERO tradeoffs – no wall, no end to chain migration, no E-Verify, no interior enforcement – NOTHING.

Here is what we need to do to stop the amnesty discharge petition:

CALL your member of Congress today – right now – not tomorrow – as it may be too late.

No faxes, no emails – you have to call them. Time isn’t on our side. Urge them not to sign the discharge petition being circulated by Congressman Curbelo that would force a vote on Congressman Denham’s “queen of the hill” immigration resolution.

Remind them that if the discharge petition is successful, the likely outcome is passage of a bill that gives amnesty to millions of illegal aliens while giving the American people nothing in return. Tell them to stand behind the House leadership and the President. Most importantly, tell them that as a voting constituent, you’ll be watching their actions very closely.

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Tell your Member of Congress to oppose the pro-amnesty discharge petition.