URGENT: Join the Fight to Keep Immigrants Off Welfare!

On October 10, the Trump administration issued its long-overdue “public charge” regulation that clarifies existing law to ensure that immigrants pull their own weight — AND stay off welfare!

The regulation is common sense and a win for you and our fellow American taxpayers. Yet, it was attacked by open borders groups opposed to any and all efforts to regulate immigration.

Their objections fly in the face of centuries of American law and longstanding traditions about what we should expect from people given the privilege to immigrate to the U.S.

Now, those same groups are mobilizing and threatening to derail the administration’s efforts through the public comment period.

We can’t let this happen!

It’s simple: the American public has until December 10 to submit public comments on the regulation. The administration is then required by law to review and respond to every unique public comment about the proposed regulation. That's why we're encouraging you to edit the text in the comment box and use your own words.

Your comments should explain how you support the idea that immigrants should be self-sufficient.

All the information submitted through the form will be shared directly to the federal government.


Please encourage your friends and family to act by sharing on social media.