Maryland Judiciary Committee to Hold A Hearing On Becoming A Sanctuary State

Next Tuesday, March 13, the Judiciary Committee in the Maryland Assembly will hold a hearing on becoming a sanctuary state. Sanctuary policies prohibit or restrict state and local officials or law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration officials, allowing criminal aliens to live and work freely in communities. House Bill (HB) 1461 makes it nearly impossible for state and local law enforcement to protect Marylanders against dangerous criminal aliens, even those convicted of the most serious crimes.

This is the same bad recycled bill from last year! Contact your Assembly Member today and tell them to oppose making Maryland a sanctuary state!

Remind your Assembly Member that shielding criminal aliens has real consequences and the crimes committed are not victimless crimes. Urge them to remember Jenni B. Rivera, a 21 year-old Annapolis woman allegedly beaten to death by five MS-13 gang members. All five of the alleged MS-13 killers had immigration detainers on them.

It is time protect Maryland communities and not support dangerous policies that shield and encourage criminal aliens. Public safety must be the top priority and HB 1461 moves Maryland in the wrong direction.

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Contact your Assembly Member today and tell him/her that you’re tired of protecting illegal aliens at the expense of American citizens and legal immigrants. Tell them that you’ve had enough!


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