Tell the Senate to Close Asylum Loopholes and Say NO to Amnesty

No Amnesty


There is a full blown crisis at the southern border. More than one hundred thousand people are apprehended illegally crossing into our country every month. Due to the rampant abuse of our asylum system and a lack of necessary detention space, the majority of these people are then released into communities across the country.

President Trump is doing all he can, but it is imperative that Congress acts NOW.

Chairman Lindsey Graham is currently negotiating with Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee to finally consider a bill that would address the humanitarian and border security crisis. However, some members of the committee want to ensure this crisis lingers, and there is talk that an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens could be attached.

There are Senators who want to keep the asylum loopholes driving the crisis. There are Senators who want to continue catch-and-release. Worst of all, there are Senators who want to attach a mass amnesty to any immigration bill.

Here is what you need to do:

Contact your Senators today and tell them to:

  • Close the asylum loopholes driving this crisis;
  • End catch-and-release;
  • Oppose any amnesty; and
  • Remember that they represent you— not illegal alien smugglers and employers!

Also call Senator Graham, the bill’s author, and urge him to stand strong against demands from Democrats to attach an amnesty to this bill. Tell him that you support closing these loopholes, but that you strongly oppose any amnesty attachments.

Contact Senator Lindsey Graham: (202) 224-5972

After you make these calls, use the handy form on the right to contact these lawmakers through email and social media.

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