Help Get E-Verify on the Florida Ballot in 2018!

Good news – Commissioner Newsome’s E-Verify amendment is one of thirty-seven that could make it through the entire process and onto the ballot in 2018! E-Verify, an electronically-based system that allows employers to authenticate the legal work eligibility of prospective applicants, has already done wonders in securing the workplace in states where it’s currently used. It’s free, easy to use, and roughly 99 percent accurate.

We are now at a critical juncture for the E-Verify amendment. The Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) will begin debating these proposals within the next week with a full vote by the Committee in April. In order to make it onto the ballot, the E-Verify amendment must have the support of at least 22 out of the 37 Commissioners. All of the Commissioners need to hear from you now!

Please email the CRC commissioners today at [email protected] and ask them to vote in favor of placing the E-Verify proposal (#29) on the 2018 ballot. If you have already emailed the CRC commissioners, please ask your friends and family to take action as well. This is a crucial time in the process and Florida needs to show leadership on the illegal immigration issue!

Thanks to your help, over 4,550 Floridians have signed the petition thus far to get mandatory E-Verify language on the ballot for 2018! With every additional signature, we are getting one step closer to locking illegal immigrants out of the job market in Florida. < a href="" target="_blankl">If you have not yet signed, there is still time!

Finally, there is one final public hearing hosted by the CRC. It is very important to have a robust attendance at this last hearing because the commissioners are watching how many people show up – as a way of gauging support for the initiative and which proposals have sufficient public support to warrant placement on the 2018 ballot.

CRC Public Hearing

WHEN:      Tuesday, March 13, 1:00-7:00 PM EST

WHERE:    University of South Florida - St. Petersburg
                  University Student Center
                  200 6 Ave S
                  St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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