It Is Time To End Chain Migration

More than a million immigrants a year are given permanent status in the United States. They are then able to sponsor a chain of relatives who are also given permanent status. This is not sustainable. It needs to stop now.

President Trump backs sensible merit-based immigration that removes the chain from around the neck of the hard-working American worker. Immigration reform without an end to chain migration is not real reform. It is not fair reform.

How Can YOU Help in the Fight to End Chain Migration?

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1.) Tweet at your representatives in Congress to help keep their feet to the fire, and
2.) Call your House member and Senators to make your voice heard that you demand an end to Chain Migration!

Here are the numbers you need to reach your representatives:

Contact your Representative: 202-883-4964

Contact your two Senators: 202-873-9877

Email your Senators that you demand an end to Chain Migration!


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